How To Win Your Wife Back Before It’s Too Late

In this article, I want to talk about how to win your wife back before it’s too late… so I hope you find the information to be helpful to your situation.

The Magic Of Making Up

One of the main things I had to look at when I was going through my separation was WHY it had come to this, why she left and what I had do to change things for the better.


Don’t Beg…

When it comes to getting a women to come back to you, I realized that one of the worst things to do, in most cases, is to beg my wife to come back.

The problem is, a lot of guys actually do this… they tell her that they can’t live without her and that they need her and all sorts of things like this and they actually believe that this is the best thing to do.

However, in most cases, it’s not.

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What you see in the movies and on T.V. shows isn’t real.

I mean, you have all these “romantic” movies in which the guy “confesses his love” for the women, tells her she’s everything and that he’s practically worthless without her.

That’s awful.


Why would you want to present yourself as being worthless?

Why would you want your entire life revolve aroung another person?

Why would you want to give all the power in the relationship to her?

Seriously, you need to think about this, a lot of men put women up on a pedestal and think of them as being better than them. well, in some cases, that’s not the case.

The way your life goes and the way you experience the world is largely down to the mindset you have, two people can experience the same thing yet have very different representations of what happened in their own mind.


Change your way of thinking…

If you want to “win” your wife back then first of all, don’t use the word “win” anymore in this context, you don’t need to “win” her back, she’s not some prize that you would be lucky to get.

Instead, you need to think about how you can get her to WANT to come back to you, the small change in thinking can make a huge difference to the way things turn out.

You need to realise your own value, you need to realise that she should be wanting to win you back, not the other way around. When you start thinking like this, your actions and the perception people have of you can change dramatically, remember that.


Talk to you soon,

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